Oscar te Giffel


Oscar is a social and driven software developer. His father has involved him in the computer from an early age and through proper guidance and training it has led to a passion for technology. Oscar has a broad field of interest and that can also be seen in the various techniques and technologies he has acquired over the years. During and after his studies, Oscar mainly developed in the field of web development. He has studied self-study into various technologies and software architectures. He can also be described as a social, enthusiastic and communicatively skilled software engineer. He has a passion for his profession, works hard and likes to contribute to a positive working atmosphere. His ambition is to work in a dynamic environment with an open culture and passionate employees. The ideal organization delivers an (innovative) product or service with real added value to the largest possible audience.




Dutch, English

Programming languages:

PHP, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python (Django), Go (beginner), MYSQL, (S)CSS, HTML, Java, Android (beginner), NodeJS


Laravel, Vue.js (NuxtJS), Svelte, React (GatsbyJS, NextJS), React Native, Express, Storybook

Tools & services:

Kubernetes, Git, Docker, Linux, Vagrant, Ansible, MySQL, Postgresql, Webpack, CI/CD, Graphql


Bootstrap, TailwindCSS, Bulma, Ant Design


Bachelor Informatica (Information Technology)

University of Applied Sciences Leiden

Mrt. 2019

Specialization in Software Engineering


Yokogawa (for HeadFWD)

Senior Frontend Developer   July. 2019 — Present 

Yokogawa is responsible for industrial automation, test and measurement solutions. They provide everything for measuring and monitoring of factories. For this project, they wanted an application that gives insight into all the data that is being collected. Oscar was solely responsible for building and implementing the frontend application that gives insight into the collected data from different applications. This was created in React. Another project was creating the interface of the application that collected the data of different sensors and measuring systems.

Skills: Typescript, React, HTML(5), CSS(3), Javascript, Typescript, jQuery, Styled Components, SASS, Jira, Git, Agile


Fullstack developer   Jul. 2019 — Present 

HeadFWD is a knowledge supplier in the field of web development. With a team of 30 people, they help other companies realize their goals on the frontend and backend. Oscar works as Frontend Developer where he uses his technical knowledge to help large companies and startups with their online ambitions.

Skills: JavaScript, ReactJS, Angular, NodeJS, VueJS, Restful, Unit Testing, MongoDB, MySQL, Agile, SCRUM


Fullstack  (custom PHP/ React) Sep. 2016 — Jul. 2019 

At MoneyMonk, Oscar was asked to technically raise the core application to a higher level. Oscar has been jointly responsible at MoneyMonk for the development of the front end and back end of the core product and internal products. The core application is a web application. When Oscar joined MoneyMonk, they were busy transitioning from the front end to the back end. The backend application is made in PHP and part of the frontend application in React. Oscar has helped with:

  • Management of the internal operation of the system, Oscar has improved the system, is future-proof and easy to examine keep it made.
  • Standardization, Oscar has provided standardization of tooling, techniques and coding guidelines at MoneyMonk.
  • Migration from the frontend to React, Oscar helped with converting different modules.
  • Introduction Redux, Oscar helped with the introduction and implementation of Redux as a status management tool.

Another project that Oscar worked on at MoneyMonk is Touchpoint. This is an internal application for ticket handling. Oscar has worked on:

  • Management about setting up the internal ticket application. Oscar has had to build a system from the beginning together with the team.
  • Set up application, Oscar has set up both the backend and frontend together with team.
  • Inventory the requirements, Oscar has drawn up the requirements in consultation with the stakeholders.

Oscar has also worked on a React Native project. His work within this project focused on React Native:

  • The mobile application was initially made native but was later partly created in React Native.
  • Converting different existing native modules into React Native, Oscar has different modules that were native written converted to React Native.
  • Implementation of state management tool Redux, Oscar has implemented Redux in the mobile application and this has delivered an enormous efficiency gain.

Finally Oscar worked on the Servers within MoneyMonk. He has worked on:

  • Setting up servers with Docker, Oscar has set up various internal applications with Docker including a NodeJS express server, Grafana and a database backup server.
  • In addition to the core application, Oscar has set up the servers and set up several smaller applications.

Skills: PHP, ReactJS, GIT, NodeJS, Docker, Webpack, HTML5, CSS3, Fullstack Development, SASS, Vagrant, PHPUnit, Bootstrap, Lin- ux, Apache, MySQL, Redis, Nginx

Personal projects


Fullstack  (Laravel/VueJS)

Chewpy is an solution for people that want to eat vegetarian but don't know where to start. For that reason I helped the co-founder create a REST API and a a Oscar was responsible for developing the backend application and the REST API for the CMS system and the two mobile applications.

  • Developing the backend application, Oscar has developed the REST Api together with the team to provide information to the various applications.
  • Setting up the server, Oscar has set up the server on which the core application runs.
  • Designing and implementing the CMS system, Oscar designed the CMS systems and the CMS from the design made with Boostrap.

Skills: Machine Learning, VueJS, Laravel, Bootstrap, Clean Architecture, Clean Code, TDD.

Update forked repos

On my Github account, I make frequent use of “forking” repositories to save the repository for my own use. Updating a forked repository can be quite tedious so I wanted to make a CLI tool that automates this process. I have created a CLI tool in Go that uses the Graphql API of Github to create and accept pull request to update the repository with the latest commits of the original maintainer.

This was the first time that I used Go to create a tool and that I used a Graphql API. With this, I wanted to learn about how to create a project in Go and how to use a Graphql API. There are still a lot of things that can improve.

Skills: Git, Go, Graphql

Kanban (WIP)

I am always trying to improve my own productivity by changing how I work and maintain my own life. For this purpose, I wanted to create an application that I can easily use to create boards with tasks to see what I have to do. I could have used Trello but I wanted to create something for myself. In the future also wanted to integrate it with Toggle and Google Calendar for a better overview. The technologies I used are:

  • React with typescript, styled-components, Apollo, react-beautiful-dnd and hooks. As for the design I use the utility CSS library TailwindCSS and Ant Design
  • The backend is an Apollo Graphql server in Typescript. Created with Prisma as an ORM and Graphql resolver generator.
  • Deployment is done through Kubernetes and Gitlab-CI and hosted in the cloud. (WIP)

Skills: Git, TailwindCSS, React, Typescript, Graphql, Prisma, Kubernetes, styled-components, react-beautiful-dnd, react hooks, Gitlab-CI, AWS

Blackjack (WIP)

Sometimes I am a bit bored and want to take my mind off things. I came across a simple minimal application to play blackjack and I wanted to build my own. It is a rather simple minimal blackjack application. It uses the following technologies:

  • Frontend in svelte with Apollo Client to fetch the data.
  • The backend is a Graphql in Go with Prisma as ORM and Graphql resolver generator. It uses Apollo Server which uses Express beneath.
  • The frontend is deployed to Netlify and the backend is deployed to a Kubernetes cluster in the AWS Cloud

Skills: Svelte, Apollo, Graphql, Kubernetes, Prisma, Git, MongoDB

Cronjob monitor (WIP)

This is an application that monitors your cronjob with simple HTTP requests. You can make an HTTP request to an endpoint to verify that your cronjob has started and another HTTP request to verify that your cronjob has ended. If the cronjob is not started or not ended you can receive a notification. This application is created with the following technologies:

  • The backend is created in Laravel with the utility CSS library TailwindCSS with Postgresql as database. The application is server-side rendered with a little bit of VueJS.
  • The deployment and testing is done with Gitlab CI to an EC2 instance om AWS. (WIP)

Skills: PHP, Laravel, Redis, Postgresql, TailwindCSS, Gitlab CI, AWS, Linux