Oscar te Giffel



Hey, I’m Oscar.

I’m currently working as Senior Frontend Engineer at a medium consultancy agency HeadFWD. I focus on improving companies through process and technology.

I’m passionate to grow as a developer and not only focus on the technology but also on focussing on building a culture. Connecting and aligning teams is goal and I’m looking for carrying out that goal at each company.

I love building for the web. I focus on frontend development in React but have done most web parts of webdevelopment. Currently I am focusing on gaining a deeper understanding of Typescript, trying my best at Game Development in low level languages and training my algorithms and datastructures knowledge.




Dutch, English, Japanese (learning N5 planned 2023)

Programming languages:

JavaScript, TypeScript, Python (Django), Go, Rust, Zig, (S)CSS/SASS, HTML, Java, NodeJS, Kotlin, Spring, PHP, NodeJS


React (GatsbyJS, NextJS, Remix), Laravel, Vue.js (NuxtJS), Svelte (SvelteKit), Express, Storybook, NestJS,React Native, AstroJS

Tools, services and methods:

Graphql, Kubernetes, Git, Docker, Linux, Vagrant, Ansible, MySQL, Postgresql, Webpack, CI/CD, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Jira, Figma, MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, GitlabCI, Devops, Gitops, Domain Driven Design, UML, TDD, DDD, Event Sourcing, CQRS, Microservices, Serverless, HATEOAS, REST, pnpm/yarn/npm


TailwindCSS, Ant Design, react-query, Formik, Webpack, xState, Zustand, Redux, Vite, Formik, Ant Design, Mui, react-table, react-hook-form, Jest, Vite, Vitest, Cypress, Styled Components, Radix, React Testing Library, Apollo


Bachelor Informatica (Information Technology)

University of Applied Sciences Leiden

Mrt. 2019

Specialization in Software Engineering


  • Principal.dev (scheduled Sept 2023)

    Advanced training in tech leadership, developing skills in technical and non-technical areas,

  • UNLP - Mannenkracht

    MAN training fosters relationships, goals, and fulfillment across life domains.

  • Kent C. Dodds - Epic React
  • Kent C. Dodds - Testing Javascript
  • Kent C. Dodds - Advanced React Patterns
  • VueJS Udemy (2017)
  • Laravel Udemy (2017) - Git Workshop Infosupport


Polariks (for HeadFWD)

Senior Fullstack Developer   Feb. 2023 — Present 

Polariks is a data collection platform that provides insights into your greenhouse growing process. As part of the development team, I have been tasked with improving the Scrum process and the development on the frontend. These were my primary achievements during this project;
  • Supporting the scrum process; as always with a startup there is a lot of room for improvement of the development proces. I worked closely with team members to identify areas of improvement and to implement changes that would increase productivity.
  • Developing FE and Backend; improve the frontend using Typescript and React. The BFF was a NestJS GraphQL backend that wrapped REST services. Because of the large quantity of data that needed to be aggregated, we needed to improve a lot in the BFF to be able to handle the load. The improvements were implementing a caching layer and optimizing the Graphql relations.
  • Coaching junior developers

Skills: React, Java, Typescript, Apollo, Mui, GraphQL, NestJS, Influx, Vite, Spring, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Scrum, Devops, IaC, pnpm

KVK (for HeadFWD)

Senior Frontend Developer   Jun. 2021 — Jan 2023

As the Senior developer in one of the online teams at KVK, I was responsible for the frontend of seven priority services that are used by every business entity in The Netherlands.

  • Consultant & Advice; to improve the quality of the software I have advised the introduction of multiple improvements
    • Domain Driven Architecture; the applications are set up a Domain Driven Architecture which have the advantage that a platform remains scalable and is understandable for new developers.
    • From monolith to microservices; started the project and inspirited the architect to push the frontend from a single monolith into separated frontend applications.
    • Finite state machine; some applications are a multiples of multi steps forms that had a difficult state problem. With the introduction of Finite State Machine with xState and we are removing complexity and making it easier to verify the implementation with the business.
  • Lead Frontend; as the Lead Frontend in my team I had to guide 4 other frontend developers. Set a technical vision on existing and lay down the frontend architecture on a new application.
  • Recruitment support; I was also included in the recruitment process for frontend developers.

Skills: Typescript, React, HTML(5), CSS(3), Javascript, Jest, Domain Driven Design, Redux, xState, Scrum, yarn, Sonarqube, Jira, Gitlab


Senior Frontend Developer   Feb. 2021 — Present 

  • Chapter Lead Frontend; Help improve the technical skills of the frontend developers and bring the team together by organising chapter days and presentations.
  • Recruitment support, responsible for the assessment of technical applicants. Next to this, I educates other developers so that technical interviews are aligned and generally at the same high level
  • Innovation Consultant; I am active for innovation projects for clients, with my vision and technical experience, I helps to add value quickly. - Personal Development; I have demonstrated professional growth, enabling him to effectively assist companies in providing superior software development services and a addition for your team.
  • Social media & Vision; helping the social media department with the online presence

Deloitte (for HeadFWD)

Senior Frontend Developer   March. 2021 — Jun 2021 

I assisted Deloitte in the digitisation of escape rooms. Through gamification, Deloitte wanted to make people more aware of important topics within an organisation, such as privacy data, AVG legislation, and password protocols. Due to current developments, the escape rooms had to be made digital. I helped Deloitte with the process of digitising the escape rooms. In this process, I created various games, including memory and mastermind games. I helped to conceive, design, and implement the games. All applications were created in NextJS, Typescript, React, and a design using TailwindCSS.

Skills: React/Typescript, NextJS, TailwindCSS, NPM


Medior Frontend Developer   July. 2019 — Jan. 2020 

I have always wanted to work abroad. My former employer MoneyMonk offered him this opportunity and I took it with both hands. The assignment I was given was to lay a new foundation for the frontend of the core application. React is the basis of the architecture, I have brought this to the latest React version and have also made improvements in terms of architecture.

  • Rebuild frontend architecture; the frontend have been set up from scratch, using the latest techniques such as Redux, Tailwind, React Query, Typescript and Kubernetes
  • Migrate to kubernetes; migrating LAMP stack appliation into a Docker and into a kubernetes cluster. Using HELM to Also building a Spring application that was able to manage the kubernetes cluster. Deploying different versions of the application and seeing the health of the those applcications.
  • Internal application migration; migration of current backend applications to Kotlin. NextJS was used for the frontend.
  • Software Development Process; I helpt to shape the development process to move from startup to scale up. Implementing CI/CD and microservices architecture.
  • Skills: Typescript, React, Spring Boot, Kotlin, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, NPM, Yarn, Gitlab, Jira, Sonarqube

    Yokogawa (for HeadFWD)

    Senior Frontend Developer   July. 2019 — Jan '20

    Yokogawa is a market leader in the field of the process industry. They provide services, products, innovation, and software for the process industry. Within Yokogawa, various devices and computers are used to control various processes and production machines. These devices are equipped with screens that are used by employees to control them. I was responsible for setting up and leading the frontend part of this project.

    • Rebuild; setting up the frontend again for a large part of the applications. I completely replaced the old application (Django stack)
    • Communication with stakeholders; communication with the product owner and business analysts to collect and translate requirements
    • Browser compatibility; various devices and computers use an outdated system. I had to use Vanilla JS for this
    • Design; for a large part of the application, I helped develop and fine-tune the designs for all screens.

    Skills: Typescript, React, HTML(5), CSS(3), Javascript, jQuery, Styled Components, SASS, Jira, Git, Agile


    Fullstack developer   Jul. 2019 - Jan '20

    As a medior software developer at HeadFWD, I have gained experience working on projects for various clients. I have developed a deep understanding of the software development process, from requirement gathering and analysis, to design and implementation, to testing and deployment. I have honed my skill in full-stack development, with a focus on building scalable and maintainable applications using modern technologies and best practices. In my current role, I have successfully delivered several high-quality projects, and is eager to continue growing and learning as a developer.

    Skills: JavaScript, ReactJS, NodeJS, VueJS, Restful, Unit Testing, MongoDB, MySQL, Agile, SCRUM


    Fullstack developer Sep. 2016 — Jul. 2019 

    At MoneyMonk, I was asked to technically raise the core application to a higher level. I have been jointly responsible at MoneyMonk for the development of the front end and back end of the core product and internal products. The core application is a web application. When I joined MoneyMonk, they were busy transitioning from the front end to the back end. The backend application is made in PHP and part of the frontend application in React. I have helped with:

    • Management of the internal operation of the system, I have improved the system, is future-proof and easy to examine keep it made.
    • Standardization, I have provided standardization of tooling, techniques and coding guidelines at MoneyMonk.
    • Migration from the frontend to React, I helped with converting different modules.
    • Introduction Redux, I helped with the introduction and implementation of Redux as a status management tool.

    Another project that I worked on at MoneyMonk is Touchpoint. This is an internal application for ticket handling. I have worked on:

    • Management about setting up the internal ticket application. I have had to build a system from the beginning together with the team.
    • Set up application, I have set up both the backend and frontend together with team.
    • Inventory the requirements, I have drawn up the requirements in consultation with the stakeholders.

    I have also worked on a React Native project. My work within this project focused on React Native:

    • The mobile application was initially made native but was later partly created in React Native.
    • Converting different existing native modules into React Native, I have different modules that were native written converted to React Native.
    • Implementation of state management tool Redux, I have implemented Redux in the mobile application and this have delivered an enormous efficiency gain.

    Finally I worked on the Servers within MoneyMonk.I have worked on:

    • Setting up servers with Docker, I have set up various internal applications with Docker including a NodeJS express server, Grafana and a database backup server.
    • In addition to the core application, I have set up the servers and set up several smaller applications.

    Skills: PHP, ReactJS, GIT, NodeJS, Docker, Webpack, HTML5, CSS3, Fullstack Development, SASS, Vagrant, PHPUnit, Bootstrap, Lin- ux, Apache, MySQL, Redis, Nginx

    Personal projects


    Fullstack  (Laravel/VueJS)

    Chewpy is an solution for people that want to eat vegetarian but don't know where to start. For that reason I helped the co-founder create a REST API and a a Oscar was responsible for developing the backend application and the REST API for the CMS system and the two mobile applications.

    • Developing the backend application, Oscar has developed the REST Api together with the team to provide information to the various applications.
    • Setting up the server, Oscar has set up the server on which the core application runs.
    • Designing and implementing the CMS system, Oscar designed the CMS systems and the CMS from the design made with Boostrap.

    Skills: Machine Learning, VueJS, Laravel, Bootstrap, Clean Architecture, Clean Code, TDD.